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How to Find a Caregiver

The following is a section from A Quick Guide to Managing Care for Your Aging Relative in California by Leah Vickers, which begins with a list of the best sources for finding a care... — Updated 5/2/2024


Creating Bonds in Senior Living

As we age, isolation and loneliness increasingly become concerns for the well-being of older adults. It’s a vital consideration for older adults and their loved ones, because a significant fact-or in one’s mental health is the str... — Updated 5/2/2024


March Gardening Tips

Spring is in the air, but we could have reminders of winter and hints of summer all month. Planting: Spring is the second season of major planting. You can plant all varieties of... — Updated 3/2/2024


Playing an Instrument Linked to Better Brain Health in Seniors

Engaging in music throughout your life is associated with better brain health in older age, according to a new study published by experts at the University of Exeter (in the U.K.).... — Updated 3/2/2024


How to Avoid Being Tricked by a Familiar Voice

You may have heard about older adults being tricked into sending money to someone they think is a grandchild or other relative in trouble and thought to yourself, "How could anyone... — Updated 3/2/2024


Speaking to a Doctor in Front of a Husband with Dementia

Question: How do I handle speaking with the doctor at the hospital if my husband has dementia and the doctor wants to speak in front of him? Answer: That is a great question! Many family members have difficulty when their loved... — Updated 1/4/2024


Researchers Study Lifestyles of 'SuperAgers'

People in their eighties who can recall everyday events and life experiences as well as someone 20 to 30 years younger – known as superagers – are also more likely to have gre... — Updated 9/4/2023


ARI the Social Robot Wants to Make Your Life Easier

Project SHAPES aims to incorporate robotics into assisted living by helping seniors in their daily lives. As part of the project, its social robot, ARI, has been taking part in a... — Updated 7/16/2023


Does the South Valley Need a Senior Playground?

Senior playgrounds are places where older adults can get exercise and fresh air while developing their strength and coordination. They are popular in countries such as China and... — Updated 5/25/2023


March Garden Tips from the Master Gardeners

A typical March is beautiful with warm days and cool nights – perfect for gardening, which is good, as there is lots to do this month! Planting Plant all varieties of trees, s... — Updated 3/2/2023


The Widowhood Effect: How to Survive the Loss of a Spouse

With the widowhood effect, older adults who have lost a spouse face an increased risk of dying compared to those whose spouses are living. Causes of the widowhood effect may... — Updated 3/2/2023


AARP, CTA Launch AgeTech Summit at CES 2023

AARP, working together with the Consumer Technology Association, presented a track of programming at CES 2023 focusing on AgeTech, the growing category of technology solutions... — Updated 3/2/2023


New Year, New Fitness Routines for Older Adults

Gyms tend to be full the first week of January as people set out on their fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. By the end of the month, however, the crowds have usually thinned. For older adults, the new year is as good a time a... — Updated 1/3/2023


Helpful Garden Tips for January and February

Happy New Year! Hopefully, January is a month of continuing snow, rain, fog and misty mornings. Although plant growth slows down in the cold soils of winter, some growth continues,... — Updated 1/3/2023


Master Gardeners' Tips for September and October

Perhaps you have noticed the days are getting shorter? A sure sign that summer is winding down and fall is around the corner. I think of the garden year not from January to... — Updated 9/8/2022


Master Gardeners' Tips for July

Be easy on yourself and on your garden this month. Do everything you can to conserve water. Enjoy the harvest of the summer garden. Planting Don't plant ornamental plants in July.... — Updated 7/24/2022


HSSN Offers Tulare County Seniors Friendships, Activities

The Homebound Senior Social Network (HSSN) is a free program offered by the Valley Caregiver Resource Center and Kings-Tulare Area Agency on Aging (KTAAA). Since 2007, the program, which is only offered to Tulare County residents... — Updated 7/24/2022


January Gardening Tips from the Master Gardeners

January can be a busy month in our Central Valley and foothill gardens. Hopefully, we will be dodging rainstorms and working on foggy days. That's what our gardens rely on for... — Updated 1/10/2022


Initial Grandparent Caregivers Report Given to Congress

On November 16, the Advisory Council to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren delivered its first report to Congress. The report is a culmination of a two-year effort that gathered information from kin and grandparent caregive... — Updated 1/8/2022


Form 602 & Why Seniors Become Frail

What is a Form 602 and why is it important to have it completed before moving to assisted living? A Form 602 (better known as a Physicians Report) is a state-mandated report that needs to be filled out by the primary doctor. It ask... — Updated 11/9/2021


Master Gardeners Offer Helpful Garden Tips for November

November is one of my favorite months in the California garden. I watch leaves descend, winds sway even large tree branches, and sheets of rain (hopefully!) wash off a year's dust.... — Updated 11/9/2021


The Rise and Benefits of Companion Robots

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has published a whitepaper regarding the benefits of companion robots, including the Sony Aibo dog. AIBO, an acronym for Artificial Intelligence roBOt,... — Updated 8/31/2021


Seniors Like Self-Driving Vehicles and Ride Services

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) and Volkswagen Group of America released the results of an online survey of older adults designed to better understand attitudes and... — Updated 8/31/2021


Quail Park at Shannon Ranch Offers In-Person & Virtual Tours

Northwest Visalia Senior Housing, LLC and Living Care Lifestyles have announced the opening of Quail Park at Shannon Ranch. This new community offers luxury apartments for active... — Updated 10/11/2020


Planning Underway for Fifth Annual Visalia Senior Games

Planning is underway and the City of Visalia, spearheaded by its Parks & Recreation Department, is excited to bring this event back to the Central Valley. The Senior Games are open... — Updated 2/19/2020


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