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Does Insurance Pay for Senior Communities?

I am looking into moving to a Senior Independent/Assisted Living community. Does insurance pay for it? Independent living and assisted living communities in Tulare County are... — Updated 11/11/2023

 By Kimberly Jensen    Health

Wheelchairs, Diabetes and Insulin

 — Updated 9/4/2023

 By Kimberly Jensen    Health

Be Aware of Possible Chronic Illnesses

What chronic illnesses should I watch out for as I get older? Seniors who live in the U.S. can expect to live longer than ever before. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), once you pass the age of 65,... — Updated 7/16/2023


Anxiety, Stress and Grief Can be Harmful to Your Health

I am a 73-year-old woman who just lost her husband of 50 years, and I am having a difficult time getting up in the morning. My children say that anxiety, stress and grief can be harmful to my health, is that true? YES! Many aging... — Updated 5/25/2023


Caregiver Support Group & Planning for Senior Living

I live in Tulare and I am a Caregiver. I don’t have time to travel to Visalia for your Caregiver/Dementia In-Person Support group. When will you be having a Support group in Tulare?... — Updated 3/2/2023


Holiday Depression and The MIND Diet

Questions: I always get depressed before, during and after the holidays. My husband passed away and my children live out of the area. Is it normal to feel this way even after the... — Updated 1/3/2023


Caregivers' Costs, Temporary Placement and Pets

My friend’s mother is staying in her home with in-home care 24 hours a day. Is this more expensive than living at an assisted living community?... — Updated 11/7/2022


The Need to Support Caregivers

Question: I have a dear friend who is the caregiver of her mother who has dementia. My friend is angry and frustrated all the time. How can I help her? People who are caregiving for... — Updated 9/8/2022


Can You Deduct Assisted Living Costs?

It is tax time again, and I am getting quite a few inquiries regarding whether assisted living costs can be deducted from your taxes. My first step would be for you to discuss this with your accountant to get his professional... — Updated 3/5/2022

 By Kimberly Jensen    Health

When Living Alone Isn't Safe

My mother is living in her home alone. When I went to visit her for Thanksgiving, her home was a mess. When do I know when it is not safe for her to be living alone? This year, I received more calls than usual regarding what... — Updated 1/10/2022


Form 602 & Why Seniors Become Frail

What is a Form 602 and why is it important to have it completed before moving to assisted living? A Form 602 (better known as a Physicians Report) is a state-mandated report that needs to be filled out by the primary doctor. It ask... — Updated 11/9/2021


Assisted Living Costs & Referral Websites

Question: I am a veteran and served during a period of war, are there any benefits to help me with assisted living costs? First, I would like to thank you for your service! Millions of honorably discharged veterans and their... — Updated 8/31/2021

 By Kimberly Jensen    Health

Loneliness and Dementia; Insurance and Living Facilities

My mom has been living by herself during the COVID pandemic, and I am noticing she is getting extremely forgetful. Does she have dementia? The fear of getting COVID has been very detrimental to the mental health of our seniors. Old... — Updated 7/9/2021


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