AgeTech Introduces New Products for Seniors


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This year at CES 2024 – the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas – the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP showcased Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare and personalized care.

The AgeTech Collaborative from AARP presented cutting-edge technology products, services and experiences across industries, including AI and robotics. Innovations on display provide tools and technology to bring meaningful change and help solve the challenges of aging.

"Investing in AgeTech isn't just smart – it's crucial," said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. "As global economies evolve with aging demographics, technology becomes our ally in overcoming challenges."

According to the AARP 2024 Tech Trends survey, 69% of adults 50 and older made at least one technology purchase in the last year.

"AARP is harnessing its knowledge to propel AgeTech forward, fostering collaborations across diverse sectors," Jenkins added. "By driving innovation, we're shaping the future of AgeTech and advancing the collective effort to redefine aging through technology."

New Products for Seniors

More than 130 startups introduced their new products, including:

Artifcts is a patent-pending mobile and web-based platform that lets you preserve memories, share stories and build legacy, one object at a time. It's easy to use, and fully exportable to insurance and estate plans.

De Oro Devices makes NexStride, a mobility aid to keep people walking safely, retaining independence and confidence. NexStride uses research-backed sensory cues in a small portable device that attaches to any cane, walker or walking pole to prevent falls and improve mobility.

Freestyle+ works to bring mental fitness to the world through active mindfulness approaches based in improvisation and musicality.

Intuition Robotics empowers older adults to live happier, healthier and more independent lives. Its product ElliQ is a care companion robot to enable independence, promote healthy living and enhance social connectedness.

Lotus' wearable ring controls objects at home by pointing. Unlike Alexa – no apps, no rewiring, no internet needed.

LUCID Therapeutics develops digital therapeutics for mental health and wellness using AI-driven music therapy. Their new product Resonance Rx uses personalized music to reduce anxiety and agitation for aging populations.

MindMics develops next generation health monitoring software using sound-based tech through earbuds. By repurposing existing microphones, the platform accurately monitors health.

Prisidio offers a digital vault to capture and securely share your most important information with the key people in your life. The company's mission is to provide people with peace of mind knowing that they're prepared for whatever life brings their way – both the expected (like a move) and the unexpected (like a hurricane or illness).

Proto Hologram offers the first-ever holographic and spatial computing platform, infused with cutting-edge AI capabilities to revolutionize interactive content.

RAZ Mobility develops and sells assistive technology, including the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, a mobile device designed for seniors with cognitive decline.

Sana Health Inc. offers anxiety relief on demand with its audio visual neuromodulation wearable.

Tembo Health makes healthcare effortless for patients with complex chronic conditions, providing passive remote patient monitoring, care management and coordination, and 24/7 virtual emergency care.

Tuned improves people's hearing quality by combining advanced AI and a smart hearing aid to create an easy-to-use and affordable hearing care solution for an automated and personalized hearing care experience.

Voiceitt has built speech recognition technology for non-standard speech, enabling people with speech disabilities to communicate and be understood by voice, and to access and interact with mainstream voice AI technologies.

Wesper delivers a powerful sleep management platform built to address sleep conditions from testing through ongoing care.

WheelPad L3C respectfully and supportively provides transitional housing for veterans, those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, those with debilitating illnesses such as ALS or MS, those who want to age in place, and others newly needing accessible living accommodations in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.

Xander is a company of audio experts creating products that help people with hearing loss better understand sounds and speech. They leverage the sense of sight to augment sound and bring people together.

XRHealth virtual clinics empower patients to receive care anytime and anywhere, provided by their licensed therapists using XR technology. For providers, XRHealth integrates immersive VR/AR technology with advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive care solution for your patients.

Zoog improves family communication through visual communications that allow grandparents to connect with their children and grandchildren in meaningful and engaging ways. Zoog uses cutting-edge technology and advanced animation to bring a storyteller's creations to life with just a click of a button, making the experience approachable, entertaining, educational and accessible to all.

Additionally, 10 AgeTech Collaborative startups were featured in the Samsung Health House. A description of the house and the startup solutions featured in it are online at:


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