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When Barbados Honored Centenarians on Stamps

When Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean Sea, conducted a census in 2016, officials learned that there were 114 centenarians alive on Barbados – 103 women and 11 men.

Centenarians are individuals who have reached 100 years old or more. The National Committee on Aging research reported that by the start of 2017, there would be another 38 women and ten more men in this elite club.

"The Barbados Postal Service, recognizing that Barbados has the second highest percentage of centenarians per capita in the world, saw it fitting to pay tribute by releasing this commemorative stamp issue in 2016 to highlight these loyal sons and daughters of the soil who had reached that milestone," Angela Griffith-Jordan, postal superintendent of the Philatelic Bureau of the Barbados Postal Service, told The Good Life.

The National Committee on Aging, which provided the centenarian statistics, also reported that James Sisnett, who died in 2013, was the second oldest man in the world.

"The number of centenarians in Barbados is an achievement that should be embraced and celebrated as we honor and showcase these men and women who have contributed to the growth and development of our island," reads the Centenarians of Barbados brochure that was released with the stamp issue.

The brochure also included biographies of each of the centenarians honored on a stamp.

Comprising a total of 27 stamps, the Centenarians of Barbados stamps were released on December 8, 2016, and was the single largest stamp set ever issued by Barbados. There are seven stamps in each souvenir sheet and 20 individual stamps.

"The response was great," said Griffith-Jordan. "We still get lots of requests from families and the general public to do another stamp issue."

Does that mean there will be another stamp set honoring centenarians in the near future?

"That possibility will have to be discussed with management," replied Griffith-Jordan.

What about all the requests the Barbados Postal Service has been receiving to do another issue?

"The main interest being generated for a second 'Centenarians of Barbados' stamp set is from family members," she replied.


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