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(This is the first in a series of articles about supportive services for local seniors that will appear in The Good Life.)

The Kings/Tulare Area Agency on Aging (K/T AAA), Adult Services Division provides services that support the local older adult population. Every year, at least 1,000 older adults seek information related to needs that are considered "supportive services."

These services are designed to support independence and health for the most vulnerable community members. The various services offered by K/T AAA include an assessment of the older adult's needs, informing them and their families of resources, and linking seniors and/or their families to other needed services.

Among the services K/T AAA offers to seniors in Tulare and Kings Counties are:

Information and Assistance

Information and Assistance provides all available services and resources for the older adult population, assists seniors in filling out basic forms, and overall provides exactly what the title "information and assistance" implies.

This service is provided through two K/T AAA providers: Community Services Employment Training (CSET), (800) 321-2462, and the Kings County Commission on Aging (KCCOA), (559) 852-2828.

Public Information, Community Education and Outreach

This service provides information and education to the public at community health fairs, senior centers and other events that are held for the older adult population.

The information may be tailored to address specific community needs or concerns, such as seniors' rights, benefits and entitlements.

Information is also provided through social media and other avenues to warn seniors about current scams, and inform them about ways the public can get involved to help make the lives of seniors better through donations or volunteer work.

This service is provided via two K/T AAA providers: CSET and KCCOA.

Visiting and Telephone Reassurance

Visiting and Telephone Reassurance provides comfort and support to the most vulnerable and isolated seniors. Visiting allows the employee to spend time with the senior, just talking and building a relationship. It is also provides an opportunity to assess the senior and make sure they are clean, eating, and in good overall mental and physical health.

With telephone reassurance, the most vulnerable and isolated seniors are called daily to check in on them. With the county so spread out and having limited resources, it is not easy to visit each senior as often as those at K/T AAA would like, so telephone reassurance provides an extra daily touch and check-in.

This service is provided via two K/T AAA providers: CSET and KCCOA.


Although this service currently has limited resources, it provides bus passes for seniors to get to senior centers for meals and other activities.Local community health partners provide seniors with transportation to their appointments.

Transportation is one of the areas where K/T AAA is seeking to identify additional funding and resources, especially for seniors living in the most rural areas.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance is provided via two K/T AAA providers: CSET and KCCOA, and then subcontracted to Central California Legal Services (CCLS).

CCLS provides legal assistance, such as preparing important documents for older clients, to make sure their wishes are known and followed, such as Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives.

They also help seniors who are victims of unfair business and debt collection practices, including high-pressure energy efficiency or other home improvement contracts. CCLS can be reached at (800) 675-8001.

For more information on any of these services, contact Bonnie Quiroz, Client Advocate for Adult Services by phone at (559) 972-0323 or (559) 713-2877, or by email at


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