'Show Must Go On!' Offers New Way to Look at the Years Ahead


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The women in "Show Must Go On?" perform onstage.

"Show Must Go On!" is a documentary about four women who choose a life filled with friendship, laughter and purpose. They have a new way of looking at the years ahead and show that it is never too late to reinvent yourself.

Performing in front of sold-out audiences as the comedy musical act "Hot Stuff," these ladies bring joy to others and one another. Against the backdrop of preparing for their final show, they reflect on their journey of discovering their independence and hidden talents.

The show takes place at The Cedars, a retirement community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There we meet Jane, Karen, Mary and Pat, four friends who have had many roles in life (housewife, mother, teacher, musician, adventurer) and discovered that each has made them the resilient woman they are today. Experiencing difficult transitions and loss, they have each found a new beginning for themselves.

On the stage, Karen, the accompanist and reluctant comedian has found her voice. Mary, who has always been a committed wife, mother, grandmother and teacher, finds even more purpose in bringing joy to those in her community. Jane, whose late husband always believed in her raw talent, discovered the courage to continue her adventures through performing. Pat, who spent her life teaching her students and children to be independent embraces a new found independence of her own.

Against the backdrop of preparing for their final show together, they reflect on their journeys of discovering their hidden talents, giving viewers a new way of looking at the years ahead and the value they hold.

For more information, visit http://www.ShowMustGoOnFilm.com.


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