Pack and Paskoff Release Over Sixty: Book of Lists


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Authors Carol Pack and Barbara Paskoff show off their latest collaboration.

Barbara Paskoff and Carol Pack recently released their fourth collaboration, Over Sixty: Shades of Gray: Book of Lists.

Their new book "just came about because of our impatience," according to Pack.

"I feel as I'm getting older that I get more impatient," she said. "Just cut to the bottom line. I don't want to wade through the author's philosphical reasons. I just want the facts."

Paskoff feels the same way, complaining about long-winded people.

"You would think that at my age, I'd be more patient, but there's too much minutia," she said.

Both Pack and Paskoff make lists to stay organized.

"I have lists all over the place," said Pack. "If I don't make lists, I don't remember to do it."

Paskoff also makes lists, including "what I have to do and what I should do. Sometimes, I forget where I put the lists."

Book of Lists includes humor, but less than in their previous books.

"We tried to just get down to the lists," said Pack. "But there were places for a few asides in the lists."

The result is a book that provides valuable information, but in a light-hearted way.

For example, in a section called "Remember Etiquette?," the authors lament how much things have changed since Emily Post's book on etiquette by showing the difference between then and now:

Then: Dressing up to go on a plane.

Now: Wearing what's comfor-table, as long as your crack isn't making a public appearance.

Then: Soothe a male ego no matter what.

Now: I don't think so.

Then: No white after Labor Day.

Now: What if you're the bride?

Over Sixty: Shades of Gray: Book of Lists is the fourth book under their "Over Sixty" banner. In addition to Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray, they worked together on Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray: Mind Games & Soporifics and Coronavirus Diary, which Pack described as "a very short book."

"Our Coronavirus Diary was more than a pamphlet, but it was meant to be somethink light," she said. "You could send it like a greeting card to someone."

Paskoff put aside all other projects to work on Book of Lists.

"I had fun with this and I didn't want to lose concentration," she ex-plained. "I learned a lot and I was excited about writing everyday."

Book of Lists is available on Amazon.

"I was excited also, but I was also working on a novel," said Pack.

So, what's next for the authors?

"I have to go on a diet," said Paskoff.

Actually, her current plan is to write her memoirs.

"It's basically for me – just to review my life," she said. "What I was, how I adjusted and where I'll be in the future.

"We all have had ups and downs. I want to reflect on what I've learned – and if I've learned."

"I totally avoid all that and just write fiction, rather than figuring out what to say about the people in my life," said Pack, who is currently working on an international thriller. "It seems so much easier."

"I just read Carol's book," said Paskoff. "It's so good, I read it twice."


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