Seeing Changes in a Loved One When Home for the Holidays


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Going home for the holidays can mean reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying the spirit of the season.

For many people, if they live away from their family and don’t see them often, it can also be a time of anxiety if the health of their parents or older loved ones has deteriorated since their last visit.

Whether it’s more difficulty with day-to-day tasks, issues with mobility or signs of memory decline, it can be a bittersweet time of year for family members who notice changes in their loved one.

Of course, the question that often leads to is, “what next?”

The next steps can depend on how acute the challenges are that your loved one is facing. If they can still perform most day-to-day tasks, but are moving a bit slower, then there’s likely time to make decisions and plan for the future.

But if their safety is compromised, particularly if they’ve suffered a fall (or multiple falls), it’s important to have frank, honest conversations about senior living.

It’s particularly vital for those who are showing signs of cognitive decline, as they are more vulnerable to possibly being taken advantage of.

The important thing is to be supportive – most older adults who are struggling know it, but might not want to acknowledge it. Be there for them, and be a resource as you help plan next steps.

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