Measure U Back on Ballot in Exeter Cemetery District


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Measure U, which received a majority of votes in the June elections but failed to reach the two-thirds requirement, is back on the ballot for voters in the Exeter Cemetery District. Once again, the special parcel tax measure is named Measure U.

For almost 100 years, the three cemeteries operated by the district – Exeter District Cemetery, Deep Creek Cemetery and Hamilton Cemetery – have served the communities of Exeter, Farmersville, Lemon Cove, Lindcove, Outside Creek and Yokohl Valley, and the surrounding areas.

According to the Argument in Favor of Measure U, "Without additional revenue, the cemeteries may have to close permanently. If that happens, our communities will lose a big piece of our history and our families will lose a local, cost-effective way to respectfully lay their loved ones to rest."

Because of declining revenues over the past 10 years, the district has laid off staff, reduced maintenance and upkeep of the cemeteries, deferred replacement of worn-out and obsolete equipment, and reduced other expenses.

To help make up for these deficiencies, the Exeter Cemetery District's Board of Trustees is asking local voters to approve a special parcel tax of $35 per parcel per year on each of the approximately 8,000 parcels within the district (increased each year by 2.5% to account for inflation).

These new funds, estimated to net $270,000 per year, would be used to improve landscaping and maintenance of the district's three cemeteries, improve accessibility and safety, replace worn-out equipment, upgrade facilities, drill a new water well at Deep Creek, develop new gravesites, and improve other services.

Revisions to Measure U

The Measure U on the November ballot differs from the June version. The new measure would give the board the ability to suspend the tax in a year they don't need it.

Also, an advisory committee would be formed to get community input on how to spend the tax dollars.


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