TCDA Elder Abuse Prevention, Victim Services Program Grant Renewed


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The Office of the Tulare County District Attorney was once again awarded a grant by the Governor's Office of Emergency Services to support victims of elder abuse and provide outreach to the community. The grant will continue through 2022.

The $217,444 grant funds two full time victim advocates specifically assigned to assist victims of elder abuse through the criminal justice process. The advocates, one of whom is bilingual, also train caretakers, community members and others who work with seniors to recognize the signs of abuse. In addition, the grant funds resource packets and books, victim vouchers and outreach materials to educate seniors about scams and crimes targeting their community.

"We are always thankful for this grant and proud of its positive impact," said Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward. "Not only does it provide victimized seniors with two incredible and caring advocates, it funds measures meant to prevent becoming a victim in the first place."

A large component of the grant funds a bilingual, multimedia public awareness campaign to bring attention to elder abuse and how to report it. Announcements are present on television and in movie theaters, on the radio and in print publications throughout the county.

In 2021, the Office of the District Attorney filed over 50 felony cases and over 20 misdemeanor cases of elder abuse, with advocates serving over 1,000 victims at varying stages of the criminal justice process.

"Prevention is key to stop seniors from becoming victims," said Ward. "Trained TCDA advocates are ready to share their expertise with the community so that everyone can be on the lookout for this crime. To schedule a presentation or obtain resources, contact our Victim Services Division at (559) 636-5471."

All resources and presentations are free of charge. If you suspect elder abuse, anonymously call the Adult Protective Services 24/7 hotline at 1-877-657-3092.


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