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Fitness and wellness for older adults is vital to maintaining both physical and emotional health.

There's one activity that helps both of those aspects at the same time. It can be done morning, afternoon or evening. It can be done at home or in the car. Performed seated or standing. It brings joy while also improving lung function. It doesn't require any equipment or a gym membership.

It's singing. (Yes, singing.)

The health benefits of singing, along with the stress relief and pleasure it brings, make it the perfect activity for seniors, both physically and emotionally.

Studies show that in addition to the improved lung function, singing can even help improve pain thresholds and boost the immune system. It also is proven to help the mental health of older adults, who can have fond feelings come flooding back when singing a song from their younger days.

That happiness extends to those living with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia. Despite the challenges that come with memory loss, singing often remains a favorite activity.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Musical memories are often preserved in Alzheimer's Disease because key brain areas linked to musical memory are relatively undamaged by the disease."

'Prestige Sings!'

Those benefits, and the fun of singing, are why Prestige Assisted Living at Visalia takes part in the annual "Prestige Sings!" virtual karaoke contest throughout the month of June.

Prestige Senior Living has communities located throughout the Western U.S., and residents and staff submit videos of themselves performing, with weekly voting until a winner is crowned.

This gives residents a chance to show off their skills and builds camaraderie as they support their friends. Visit http://www.prestigecare.com to learn more and see the talents of its residents and staff.

To learn more about Prestige Assisted Living or to book a tour, call (559) 735-0828.


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