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FREE Bus Rides to COVID Vaccinations in Tulare County

Riders must show proof of a confirmation to a vaccination appointment, and all bus transfers necessary are included

Public transportation agencies and transit organizations are helping to get the people of Tulare County

vaccinated against COVID-19 by providing free bus rides to those in need of transportation to their

vaccination appointments.

Beginning March 16, Tulare County transit services will begin offering free bus rides on existing bus

routes to COVID-19 vaccination appointments for residents and workers throughout Tulare County. This

free service is being offered by not only Tulare County Area Transit buses but also includes City transit

services in Visalia, Porterville, Tulare, and Dinuba. Passengers going to their vaccination appointment

must let the bus operator know as soon as they board and show proof of a vaccination appointment

confirmation for that day. Riders can present their confirmations on their cell phones or bring a printout of

the vaccination appointment confirmation.

Giving free bus rides supports the County's goals in getting Tulare County residents and workforce

vaccinated as soon as possible and making sure vaccinations are accessible and equitable for everyone,

including those who live in rural Tulare County. This free service is available on over 35 various bus

routes on both County and City transit lines and includes all transfers necessary to get people to their

final destination to get vaccinated. These no-cost bus rides are provided for rides both to and from your

vaccination appointment. This does not apply to Dial-A-Ride services, only fixed bus routes in the county.

Riders must adhere to the safety protocols of face masks and social distancing requirements on public

transit buses.

After securing your vaccination appointment, officials urge residents to use the TCaT Trip Planner

application at to plan your trip, or call The Green Line at 1-877-404-6473 for

assistance over the phone.


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