CES Showcases New Technology for Seniors


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AbsoluteAudio's PYOUR Audio Hearing 2.0 was among the new products introduced at CES 2021.

The Computer Electronics Show, better known as CES, is an annual event in January. The show is usually held in Las Vegas and features 500 exhibits, 70,000 registered attendees, and three full days of sessions, but the pandemic forced this year's event to be held online.

As in previous years, this year's technological offerings included those designed for seniors. In alphabetical order by company, the following ten items made their debuts at CES 2021:

AbsoluteAudio's PYOUR Audio Hearing 2.0 combines an extremely high quality of hearing support with very low memory and power consumption, and even accommodates those with a severe hearing loss.

Visit http://www.absoluteaudiolabs.com/hearing for more information.

The Aladin Smart Lamp reduces falls and associated costs for nursing homes. The smart lamp, which hangs on a wall, includes automatic lighting, built-in fall detection and an integrated monitoring system that uses artificial intelligence to detect changes in motion and temperature.

Visit http://www.domalys.com/en-US/products/aladin for more information.

CarePredict TouchPoint is a companion app to CarePredict's Tempo, a wearable that autonomously tracks subtle changes in a senior's daily activity and behavior patterns that may precede increased risk for urinary tract infections, depression, malnutrition, mild cognitive impairment and falls. TouchPoint displays the data collected by the Tempo in an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface and alerts families and others.

Visit http://www.carepredict.com for more information.

iCardioGuard is an e-health wearable combining multi-sensing microwave and electrocardiogram physiological sensors with psycho-cardiac status analysis software for continuous cardiovascular monitoring and emotion, pressure and fatigue analysis. It measures heart rate, blood pressure and the circulatory system, evaluating mood, stress, fatigue levels and vascular parameters.

(The easiest way we found to get more information is to do a web search for iCardioGuard.)

The Core Kit is an app with non-intrusive sensors placed discretely around the home that track movement and patterns to provide family members/caregivers with some reassurance that things are as they should be, without video cameras or wearable tracking devices.

Visit http://www.caregiversmartsolutions.com for information.

Available as an Apple Watch app, FallCall Detect helps seniors live independent and active lives by knowing they will receive immediate help if they experience a fall. The app also reduces the chance of setting off unnecessary and embarrassing emergency service activations by distinguishing between high-impact and low-impact falls.

Visit http://www.fallcall.com for more information.

ianacare is a free app that helps seniors and their family and caregivers to coordinate and organize tasks such as buying groceries and medications, as well as supplying emotional connections.

Visit http://www.ianacare.com for more information.

MightyHealth is an app that pairs seniors with a real health coach to provide workout videos that are easy on the joints and easy to follow, as well as nutrition plans. The senior's family is notified when goals are achieved so they can help celebrate.

Visit http://www.mightyhealth.com for more information.

Aladin Smart Lamp

Omron VitalSight is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor with built-in EKG technology designed for easy, at-home blood pressure and EKG monitoring. A free downloadable Omron Connect app for smartphones enables seniors to use the EKG feature to store, track and share unlimited heart health data.

Visit http://www.omronhealthcare.com/vitalsight for more information.

WellBe Medical Alert is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor with built-in EKG technology for easy, at-home blood pressure and EKG monitoring. The system includes a voice assistant and a sleek smartwatch, which connects users with emergency services by voice at home or by pushing a button when away.

Visit https://shop.handsfreehealth.com/medicalalert for more information.


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