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Arthritis Foundation Launches 'Prescription for Access' Toolkit

The pain and management of arthritis may not be visible, but it is incredibly real to the 50 million Americans diagnosed with arthritis and related diseases. Adding to this population's challenges are mounting concerns about the future of America's health care system and how to navigate its complexities.

In response to the arthritis community, the Arthritis Foundation launched Prescription for Access, an initiative to address the community's concerns and provide people with arthritis the necessary tools to help them with the disease.

As part of the Prescription for Access initiative, the foundation recently held multiple meetings with health care executives, policymakers and patients to better understand the challenges patients with arthritis face in today's health care system. From these meetings, the foundation decided the most logical way to "re-connect" America's health care system is to involve patients and make sure their voices are represented in the new legislation.

"We're fighting for millions of Americans with arthritis to make health care more accessible and to reduce the complexity of accessing and staying on their medications," said Sandie Preiss, the foundation's vice president of advocacy and access. "A critical part of the Prescription for Access initiative is equipping patients with the tools and resources they need to understand their health care and how to get to 'Yes' when managing a claim denial through the appeal process."

The Prescription for Access Toolkit puts tools and resources at patients' fingertips, helping them understand their health care coverage options, determine how their current plan meets their arthritis care needs, and guides them through the claim denial process, including step-by-step instructions, sample letters and consumer assistance information.

To learn more about the Prescription for Access initiative, including recent work with government leaders and organizations, visit

Leading the fight for the arthritis community, the Foundation Arthritis Foundation helps conquer everyday battles through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections. The foundation publishes Arthritis Today, the award-winning magazine that reaches 4 million readers.


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