Farmersville City Council to Discuss Senior Grant


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The Farmersville City Council is expected to make a decision about how to spend its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) at one of its January meetings, according to Farmersville Mayor Paul Boyer.

The State of California approved a CDBG for the City of Farmersville that includes $150,000 for senior services for two years. About $140,000 is for “activity delivery” and about $10,000 for administration.

Seniors at the Farmersville Senior Center, however, rejected the grant money because it means allowing CSET (Community Services Employment Training) to run their center and provide pre-packaged meals instead of home-cooked meals.

“What I anticipate is coming to an understanding with the Boys and Girls Club that senior services will be at their building (the community center), and another agreement with CSET for meal programs and other activities,” said Boyer. “I hope that seniors at the center will see that it adds to what seniors in the community can benefit from. For whatever reason, they’re not all taking advantage of the senior center now.”

CSET, which has been serving Tulare County for more than 40 years, was approached by the city to handle the complex sub-recipient agreement part of the CDBG grant.

“I definitely appreciate that CSET is willing to come in,” said Boyer, who made it clear that the matter still has to come to the city council.

“The meals will be different at the community center so the people will have a choice,” said Boyer about the meals provided by CSET. “Hot meals will be delivered. That’s the way they operate in Exeter and a number of other communities. It’s my understanding that there are some restaurants that serve their food that way too. I would have no problem eating it.”


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