First Online E-Commerce Site Offers Senior Living Furniture


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A new website offers senior living furniture with customization and personalization.

Senior Furnishings is the first online E-Commerce store to offer senior living furniture for seniors, whether they stay at home or live in senior living communities, such as assisted living facilities. Its shopping cart checkout system eliminates the need for salespeople and showrooms, which cause delays or limit availability.

This is all well and good, but what is senior living furniture?

Senior living furniture is furniture made with specific dimensions; tends to have narrower armrests, firmer cushions, and high wear/stain resistant fabrics, all of which help keep seniors mobile and help prevent falls. When a senior needs to sit, or stand from a sitting position, if the furniture is not constructed to specific dimensions, seniors are more prone to falls.

What makes unique is that it offers almost complete customization of the furniture sold on the website, with a shopping cart checkout in addition to the artwork, and accessories they also offer. Visitors can click on any fabric offered and see how it looks on the furniture selected, eliminating the guesswork of how the furniture will look when it arrives. In addition, you can see high-res imagery of the fabric, lighting simulation and complete specifications.

To complete its line of furniture offerings, Senior Furnishings also offers artwork, accessories, lighting and botanicals.

CEO Adam Dunn said that the response has been very welcoming and positive since launch this spring. "Helping seniors both who age in place and senior living facilities, by providing proper furniture and accessories is always a joy" he said. "Needless to say, we are all aging, and we all will soon have mobility issues, and we hope to be there to fulfill those needs in the coming years."


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