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Active Senior Living Gains Popularity in India

Concerns about providing the best care for aging parents is something felt in cultures all over the world, including in India, the world's largest democracy.

"Should we give up our well-paying jobs abroad and modern lifestyle to take care of our parents in the twilight of their life?" wonder many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), professionals who left their native India for careers in other countries. "Or should we take our parents along with us and make their life difficult by asking them to get acclimatized to foreign lands after spending all their lives in India?"

NRI children are always haunted by various factors like the safety, security, health and well-being of their parents back home in India. Many are finding the answer to all these problems can be senior living facilities. Although an international concept, senior living societies have only recently been gaining popularity in India.

Parents of NRI children can live in senior homes independently and with dignity. Due to the specialized facilities available for seniors in these projects, NRIs can live in peace knowing that their parents are well-cared for.

These senior living communities feature units with curved wall edges, grab-bars in bathrooms, skid-resistant tiles, night lamps in master bedrooms, and grab rails in bathrooms. Also, various indoor and outdoor sports events, competitions, day-trips and festival celebrations are organized at these projects.

As a result of the large influence of the West, the demand for projects dedicated to senior living in India is growing by the day. Today, one can find all sorts of retirement homes from budget apartments to luxury resorts in India.

Ashiana Housing is among the major companies meeting this new demand. Its active senior living projects, which are spread across India, include fully operating projects in Bhiwadi, Jaipur and Lavasa, with more than 1,400 residences. Additional housing is planned in Chennai and Kolkata.


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